Why People Hate Lawyers

No offense to used car salesmen and politicians, but lawyers are just about as popular. Decades of legal and business experience has taught us that there are several reasons why people hate lawyers:

1. Unresponsiveness - - My Lawyer Doesn’t Return My Calls

Lack of a timely response is a huge frustration for clients. Your attorney is supposed to be there for you when needed. For us, this is a no brainer. Every client is important to us. We understand that if you don’t get the service you need, you will leave us. We are committed to making sure that does not happen. Your phone calls and emails will receive a prompt, personal reply.

While this common courtesy seems difficult for many law firms, especially larger ones, it’s simply the way we do business. We’ll treat you as you treat your valued clients.

2. Unpredictable Fees

If you have ever hired a lawyer, you know the awful moment when the bill arrives in the mail. You open the envelope as though it were Oscar night, nervously, because you don’t know what to expect, but certain that you have won no award.

We think that is a strange way to do business. Our approach is different. We offer you an array of flexible options to meet your needs and discuss costs ahead of time so you can make informed decisions.

Hourly Billing
We will obtain your approval before undertaking a task.
* We will let you know, up front, how much time we think it will take.
* We will offer fair fee estimates.

Alternatives to Standard Hourly Rate Agreements:
Project Billing
* We will quote you a price for a project.
* No surprises: when you open the bill, it will cost what we said it would cost.
Retainer Program
* For a fixed monthly payment, we will be your human resources support team.
* Unlimited calls.
* Unlimited expert advice.
* No more worry about unknown legal fees, outside litigation projects.

3. Non-Answers

I ask my lawyer a question and either don't get an answer or can't understand it.

* We offer clear answers to questions and raise important questions that you might not have considered.
   If the law is unsettled, we'll explain the "unknowns" and make an informed recommendation.
* Our answers are in English, not "legalese."  We respond to legal challenges by planning with you.
* We don't hide from responsibility by saying "that's a business decision."  We recognize that the decisions
   are yours, but we will not hesitate to offer our view about the options that we think make the most sense.


Albrecht Backer Labor & Employment Law is different. We’ll respond promptly and we’ll charge a fair fee and offer flexible arrangements for payment.

We can’t stop the lawyer jokes – although we have an extensive library – or change the image of the profession, but we can promise this: prompt responses, expert advice and a commitment to helping you solve problems as quickly and easily as possible.